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Exploring Cyprus: Your Ultimate Cheap Car Hire Guide

Cyprus, nestled in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, beckons travelers with its diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage. As the third-largest island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus offers a wealth of stunning destinations for a memorable holiday. But before you embark on your adventure, let's delve into the ins and outs of car hire in Cyprus.
Exploring Cyprus: Your Ultimate Cheap Car Hire Guide

Why Pre-Book Your Cyprus Car Hire?

To make the most of your Cyprus getaway, it's wise to secure your car rental in advance. With only two major airports on the island, booking your car early ensures you get the vehicle you desire at a reasonable price, without the stress of last-minute arrangements. While it's convenient to pick up your rental at Paphos or Larnaca Airport, availability might be limited and prices higher elsewhere on the island.

Driving in Cyprus: A Delightful Experience

Driving in Cyprus is a breeze, with vehicles traveling on the left side of the road. The roads are generally quiet, especially once you venture beyond the bustling resorts. As you leave civilization behind, you'll be greeted by breathtaking scenery and serene surroundings.

The Need for Car Hire in Cyprus

Although Cyprus has emerged as a popular tourist destination, its public transport infrastructure is still developing. This means that renting a car is often the most efficient way to explore the island's diverse landscapes, from mountains to beaches and everything in between.

Must-Visit Places in Cyprus

Cyprus has a plethora of attractions to explore, from ancient ruins to exciting water sports and vibrant nightlife. Here are some of the must-visit spots:

  • Aphrodite's Rock: Legend has it that swimming around this rock three times will grant your heart's desire, making it a must-visit spot on a beautiful Cypriot beach.

  • Paphos Archaeological Park: Immerse yourself in history at this park filled with well-preserved ancient Roman ruins and some of the world's finest mosaics.

  • Greko National Park: For nature enthusiasts, this park in southeast Cyprus offers a range of water and land-based activities, from scuba diving and snorkeling to hiking and horse-riding.

  • Larnaca Salt Lake: Witness the serene beauty of the lake, home to the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque, an important site for the Islamic faith.

  • Kolossi Castle: Explore this 13th-century castle, brimming with history, artwork, and sugarcane processing facilities. It's a perfect day trip in your Cyprus hire car.

Discover the Convenience of Car Rental with GeoDrive in Cyprus

When it comes to finding a car rental in Cyprus, look no further than GeoDrive Car Hire. We make the process effortless, ensuring you have the perfect vehicle for your Cyprus adventure. Whether you're arriving at Paphos or Larnaca airports or planning to explore popular resorts like Paphos, Larnaca, or Ayia Napa, our extensive network of rental locations has you covered.

What sets GeoDrive apart is our commitment to your convenience. With free airport* pickup and dropoff services, your journey begins the moment you land, hassle-free. Don't waste a second of your vacation searching for rental outlets – book with GeoDrive, and your car will be waiting for you, ready to explore the beauty of Cyprus. Start your adventure today!

Tips for Cyprus Car Hire

  • Cyprus is a top destination for car hire, so you'll likely find competitive rates.

  • If you're under 26, check rental terms, because for some car hire require drivers to hold a license for over three years.

  • Compare prices for all cars and dates to Larnaca airports to secure the best deal for your journey.

With the freedom of your own rental car, you'll be all set to explore Cyprus's remarkable beauty, from ancient history to stunning natural landscapes. So, book your car rental, hit the open road, and make unforgettable memories on this Mediterranean gem.

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